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Gary Snyder for Indiana State Senate District 17


Gary Snyder is a veteran of the United States Army where he served as a light infantryman.  After serving in the Army, he worked in a brokerage firm and as an anti-money laundering officer.  Gary is now the President of IndianaTalks Radio Network where he has interviewed members of congress, cabinet members, and presidential candidates about a range of policy issues pressing our country and our state.

He lives in Huntington with his wife Pepper and cares deeply about creating a better future for his seven children and four grandchildren.

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Fellow Citizen,

Thank you for your interest in my views on the issues facing Indiana. I believe that candidates have a responsibility to clearly communicate their views to the public, both on the campaign trail and while in office.

Sincerely, Gary Snyder

On the Issues

  • Gary supports wage growth and wants to stop taxing the middle class to pay for tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest Hoosiers.
  • Gary is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.
  • Gary supports the legalization of marijuana.
  • Gary supports alcohol sales on Sunday.

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1 week ago

Gary Snyder, hey brother I know you're running for Senate and you got my vote but I need your help with something. I've been fighting a hip replacement with the VA for 2 years actually since 2011 but the last two years I've really been hell. I was wondering if there's anything you could help me with or help me get in contact with somebody I want to file discrimination charges I'm on the verge of calling Fox 59 News Now I called Bob Hudson yesterday he's in charge of Veterans Affairs he said he would look into it for me. He did he made phone calls and nobody would return his calls either I was wondering if there is any phone numbers you could give me so I could call somebody a lawyer or somebody to help me I am 50% disabled through the VA and I'm 100% disabled through the Social Security. Thanks a lot any help you could give me I would greatly appreciate it. You can send me a message on messenger or you can put it on Facebook I don't care I just wondered if you had any input on what I can do thank you very much you have my vote don't worry about that ... See MoreSee Less

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